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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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34                                                     MON-KHMER
sh'ngui   u,    te    mah      u-pa       u    ew;    sah   shep   u   ha    ew;     te     phet
far     he,  then   saw   the-father his him; felt  pity  he  on    him; then    ran
u, dem u ti radang u, te doh u ew. U-te u-hun ong u
he, fall he on neck fas, then kissed he him. That son said he
ti ew, 'pa, da leh pap o ha i-phliang ba ti           'mat'm,
to him, 'fathert have done sin 1 to heaven and to face-thine,
ry-um ie te pong ju hut hun'm ha nia.* Te u pa u ong u
good it was not to call son-thy to me? Then the father his said he
ha i-shakri u, snam i-dia i-a ry-um tarn, pyn-kup ha ew;
U the-iervants his, 'Iring a«cloth which good most, clothe upon him;
pyn-phin bei ksah-tai ti tai u, bei juta ti nia u. To nia-ba
put~on    also    ring    m    hand    his, and   shoes  on feet  his*    Jjet eat-together
nia-kymen       i,   katma u-ne u-hun nge u-wa da   iipj    da  py-em pong; u
make-merry-together wa, because this   son mine who was dead, was alive qgain; he
u-wa da   wiar,  da     toh   pong    ew.1     Te   da nia-leh   k'men   ie.
who was   lost, was found again   him?   Then was  make    merry   they.
Ti ka-te ka-por u-hun rongbah jong ew   a-ah u    ti   ka-Iahi.    Ti     ka-por
At that   time   the-son   elder     of    his   was he  on ihe-field.   At   the4ime
kah wan     poi      u    ti-jan   sni,    sah   u hah i   riioi be   kazai.  La-tite  hut
as came arrived he to-near houset heard he of a song and dance. Tfien called
u kin u-mi ti ki-shakri thui u, 'i-ai i-ah ni ie katte-katte ?' Ong u ti
he wly one from the~seroants aslsed he,'what were doing they so-much?' Said he to
ew,    fa-da-wan        u-bo'm,             bei   a«ai   khawai        u-pa'm            poi      u,
him%    'has-come  the-brother-thine,   and gave    feast   the-fathey-thine   came    the
para'm.       dei   a      hiah   del   u-py-em.'       Lah    tite    kiat,       u-wen
hrother*thine    m   good   health in    the-ltfe.'      Then   there angry,  he-would*not
u-te      ju   van   shapoh    sni.       Lah     i-te     shloh        u-pa        u     nubar
he-then   to   cme    in       home.    After   that   came-out  the-father   his   outside,
la-na-lahon  u   ew,     Te    ong   u   ti       u-pa       u,  'mah,   shi   kat-te   snern
entreated he fam. Then said he to tfo-fathe? his, * see, all these years
shakn nge ha em; ah ju tympung age ha 1-hukum i Jong
served I to thee; hav® never violated I to a-order any of
em     ti   kaniah  kaniah   ka-por;     ah     jubeh        ai'm      ha   nia   tang   u
ifae   at     any        any      a-time;     hast    never   given-thou    to    me   even    a
hun-blang   be    ha   di   a    ju  niah-sah-syor   bei       lok     nge.    Pynban   duh
kid      even   to   let me   to   maJce-merry    with friends mine.      Yet      just
a   wan     hi    u-ne      u-him'in    u-wa   pyn-lut   ha         i-awah'm         ti    ki
«t  came    only   this    fhe-so^tUm   who     spent    of   theyropertythine  to   the
kusbi,    em       ai     khawai   pynban    ym    ha   i-bhah   u.J      Lah    i-te   on-
k«rlots>  thoit   gavest   feast        yet      thou   for    *ate   M    After that   said
u  h»   ew,    <0   hun,   em    u-a    beh    ah   bei  nia   kal    i-wa       ah    i
he fo   hm,   <0   son,   thou   who always   art with me   as   wteUI] Iw that